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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Doughnut earache pillow

I'm so sorry I haven't had time to do a proper tutorial. I hope these instructions are clear enough but feel free to comment or email me at info@spottyowldesign.com with any questions. This pillow is larger than it looks... probably a bit bigger than a side plate. I buy my felt by the metre so I'm not 100% certain how big it ends up if you use the pre-cut squares. You could also use other fabrics instead of felt. Let me know what you think or howit turns out if you try this yourself!

Laura xx

Doughnut Earache Pillow

Firstly, gather your supplies. 
You will need:
~ brown felt - two squares (approx 25cm x 25cm)
~ coloured felt (pink or white probably looks best) – one square
~ Approx 2 cups of wheat or rice
~ thread to match your coloured felt
~ handsewing needle
~ either a sewing machine OR thread to match the brown felt if hand sewing
~ sharp scissors
~ a pen

Step One:
Cut two BIG circles out of the brown felt and  a ‘wibbly shape’ out of the coloured felt that will fit comfortably inside the brown circle with room for a seam allowance.
Step Two:
Using the coloured thread,  stitch the coloured felt onto one of the circles.

Step Three:
With right sides together (ie coloured felt inside) machine stitch or hand stitch the pieces together around the outside edge, leaving a small gap for turning.
Step Four:
Draw a circle (tracing around a glue stick works well) in the middle and cut through ALL THREE layers.

Step Five:
Turn right side out and using the coloured thread again, carefully hand stitch the three layers together around the inner hole.

Step Six:
Fill with rice or wheat and hand stitch the opening closed. TaaaDaaaa!

To use:
Microwave for approx 90 secs on medium (please use your common sense with this) and lay your head on it with your sore ear over  the hole.  The heat is supposed to help relieve pain and assist drainage but the hole means there’s no pressure on your sore ear.

You can also use this as a regular heat pillow for period pain, cold feet etc.  

If giving as a gift, I like to include this rhyme:

A deeply satisfying winter treat
Zero calories ‘coz it’s not to eat
1min in the microwave and it will heat
Your frozen fingers and frosty feet

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