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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Caramel Bubble Slice recipe

We've been running on sugar at work this week. Monday I got a voucher for some free muffins and coffee as a thankyou for doing 'above and beyond' with some work I did for a colleague so I shared it with my office girls.

Tuesday was Valentines Day and work gave us all half a dozen foil-wrapped chocolate hearts each, plus we swapped our own valentines.

Wednesday we had a birthday in the office and everyone brought something to share for morning tea plus work did its monthly Muffins+Fruit Morning tea.

It all caught up with me last night- in a good way- as I scrubbed and cleaned and folded and preened and cleaned the whole house until well after 10pm. I was bursting with energy!

This no-bake was one of the foods at the birthday morning tea and the recipe is sooo easy and the slice is sooo yummy I just had to share it.

4 cups rice bubbles
180gm jersey caramels (1 bag)
100gm milk chocolate
200gm marshmallows (1 bag) 
100gm chocolate

Microwave the jersey caramels until melty, stir in the chocolate and heat a little further if needed until it's all melted. Stir in the ricebubbles and press into a lined slice tray. 

Microwave the marshmallows, stir in chocolate and heat further if needed. Spread over the base. Place in fridge to cool; slice and serve. 

It's full of sugar and fat and preservatives, I know, but it is simple (round the ingredients up or down to the nearest whole packet size), it's tasty and the texture is beautiful.... chewy yet crispy.


Laura xx


Mum on the Run said...

I love when sugar equates to a brilliant burst of productivity like that.
All for a good cause really!!

Di-licious said...

This slice would be perfect for a child's birthday party! So simple and easy plus it's made with jersey caramels - my favourite!

Di x