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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get knotted!

We've been using the Johnson & Johnson 'no more tangles' range for a month now, click on the video below to see what Bella and I think about it. 

Ok, you can't access Youtube at work? My accent is grating? Here's a brief rundown without the clip.

Firstly, I haven't done product reviews before because it's not something that was ever an aim. I don't have a   review policy or a mediakit.But when I was contacted by a company representing Johnson & Johnson, it seemed like a natural fit. I'm a Mum, I have a website/blog that's full of baby and kids products and, more importantly, our house is already full of J&J products. See below- this is just what I pulled out of Ashley's change table... there's also wipes,Junior shampoo and Strawberry detangling spray. 

The products I was sent to try were the 'no more tangles' shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray. The shampoo and detangling spray are 'no more tears' too! 

The shampoo and conditioner have more 'grownup' packaging and scent than the Junior products. The shampoo has a texture that reminded me of the shampoo my hairdresser uses.... it's not as lather-y as a lot of shampoos and felt really nice. 

A note on the shampoo (not the spray or conditioner)... as I mentioned in the videoclip.... here in Australia and several other countries there are small amounts of chemicals used which are banned in other countries. There's a link below for you to read about it and then another link with Johnson&Johnsons response, indicating that the levels are low and safe but Johnson&Johnson are working to remove those chemicals from all J&J products globally in response to pressure from consumers. 

My favourite product is definitely the detangling spray. My hair is frizzy and dry and gross. If I'm in a rush or whatever, I've been spraying the detangling spray into my hair to eleviate the frizz and it's been working, yay, without making my hair oily or crunchy, double yay. I know I should fix the actual problem but this bandaid solution works nicely for now ;o) The lid also twists to lock (found out accidentally) so it doesnt accidentally spray everywhere in a drawer or when the kids get hold of it.

And... it works!! 

See below, a picture of Bella's unbrushed hair when she's woken up. I sprayed the hair, started from the bottom and brushed out the little tangles. There was a fairly large knot on one side (on the righthandside in the pic below) so I gave that a direct spritz, stuck the brush right into the knot and slowly combed downwards and it came loose.

 Another thing I love... the value for money. The other detangling spray is $3.33 per 100ml, this one is $2.37 per 100ml AND being a bigger size, you don't need to worry about replacing it as often! Also... see how it has no cap to lose? That's because of the twist-lock top I mentioned earlier.

So yes, I am very happy that I was made aware of these products and supplied with them to try out. I'll definitely be a continuing customer. 

Stay tuned for details of my giveaway. 

Laura xx


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